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        Victory's technical expertise, procurement skill, production processes and quality assurance procedures have been recognized through a variety of approved supplier certifications. Victory's numerous certifications include:

Approval in TRW's Quality Assurance Supplier Directory for Space Qualified Hardware.
Approval by Northrop Grumman for Mil. Spec. Components.
Qualification by the National Space Program Office (NSPO) for Taiwan's national satellite programs (ROCSAT-1, ROCSAT-2, ROCSAT-3).
Approval by Ministry of National Defense, Taiwan, R.O.C.
Approval by INTELSAT for Victory's VSAT antennas.
Approval by EUTELSAT for Victory's VSAT antennas.

HOME Certifications Approved Supplier Certifications
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Antenna & Pedestal
Ridged Horn Antenna 4109B
Ridged Horn Antenna 4109A
Base Station Sector Antenna With Downtilt Capability
Compact High Performance Reflector Antenna
Elliptical Flexible Waveguide
Waveguide Tubing
WR75 E & H plane Waveguide Bend - 6156A
S-Band Flexible W/G
Coaxial Rotary Joint
DC-18 GHz Coaxial Single Channel Rotary Joint
Broad Band(0.01-40 GHz)Coaxial Single Channel Rotary Joint-6466A&B
IF 3-Channel Coaxial Rotary Joint - 6455C000-1
IF 2-Channel Coaxial Rotary Joint - 6455B000-1
Base Station Antennas
Base Station Sector Antenna With Downtilt Capability
1.85~1.95GHz Dual Polarized Slot Array Antenna
High Power Base Station Antennas
Vertical Polarized Omni Directional Slot Array Antennas _ US Patent No. US 8,604,990 B1
Filter & Diplexer
Combline Filter&Diplexers For Base Station Application
Low Cost Microwave Component by Die Casting
WR90 Filter-6426A,B
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